Official RoSPA Certification

news-2The MD, Dr. P. R. Rathnaweera and CEO Mrs. I. M. Rathnaweera became headlines in Transport Industry by becoming the 1st ever husband and wife to get qualified in RoSPA International Diploma in Advance Driving Instructions. They both scored 98% in their theory papers and Dr. Rathnaweera set yet another world record by scoring 100% in his practical assessments whilst Mrs. Rathnaweera scored 96% on the same. RoSPA International Diploma in Advance Driving Instructions is a two weeks’ program delivered and tested by independent instructors and assessors from RoSPA who flew from Manchester to Colombo to conduct the training program. The IPSD, Defensive Driving training arm of GISST spent over USD 35,000 to obtain this qualification which is a huge step towards achieving unmatched professionalism and worldwide recognition.